Artbox 2023 in 7 Numbers

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It’s been a productive year for Artbox and the creative industries in Armenia. Read on achievements that made us proud.

Published: December 29, 2023

The end of December is the perfect time to look back in the rear mirror and realize how much has been achieved. With 4 Artbox programs completed (Incubator, Entrepreneur, Hub, Accelerator) and more than 190 creative entrepreneurs and teams supported, 2023 has been a synonym of impact for Artbox and the Armenian creative industries. We have summed it up in 7 numbers, concrete results, and a few testimonials from our community.

285 workshops and mentorship

From product development with LEGO® and audience development with Centre Pompidou to leadership with Tate, we brought the best practices from France, Denmark, the UK, and beyond to the Armenian cultural players. “Daiva Naldal [mentor for Artbox Accelerator and an ex-LEGO®] fully brainstormed about the brand and helped a lot with her ideas,” says fashion designer Nensi Avetisian. Blending hands-on expertise with outstanding dedication, Artbox mentors are one-of-a-kind.

€500K+ of seed funding & grants

Funded by the European Union in Armenia and together with partners at AGBU Armenia, Artbox has offered 42 creative players the opportunity to bring their business plans, hub plans, career plans, and growth plans to life: an investment to generate revenue growth and profit in the creative industries with a keen eye on sustainability. Among the successful creative entrepreneurs we powered, you might want to check out Bebook’s bus theater which offers puppet performances, or Mischa’s recent collection of accessories, created by fashion designer Mikayel Simonyan, a tribute to the Armenian stork in many hues of gray.

85 jobs created

With pride, Artbox has fostered economic growth with the creation of jobs in the creative industries, breaking the stereotype of the “starving artist.” Musicians, weavers, videographers but also project managers and marketers, just to name a few: these positions contributed to the economic fabric while opening perspectives for creative professionals to live off their talent and creativity.

9 creative hubs

Targeting cultural institutions, Artbox Hub left an indelible mark on the creative landscape by funding 9 institutions to become vibrant cultural centers. Serving as dynamic nuclei for artistic creation and conversation, these hubs will provide artists and communities with a nurturing environment where art flourishes and is shared. Wait and see an open stage and art cafe springing up from Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theatre’s garden-front, Gyumri Technology Center shaping the regional future of digital arts…and much more.

18 community events

While we believe in the power of online, we also value in-person meetups as occasions to shape a community. From collaborative workshops to thought-provoking talks about how to go international, build an audience, or sell online, Artbox events are where passion meets entrepreneurial purpose. “Artbox expanded our network of like-minded professionals. Thank you for these events!”, Sona Budaghyan from Henrik Igityan National Centre for Aesthetics.

30%+ of projects out of Yerevan

As a contribution to decentralization of art, Artbox has driven creative pulses in urban and rural landscapes. A significant portion of our supported projects finds roots outside the capital. These ventures not only enrich the cultural life of younger generations (that’s the mission of Koghb Art School), but also generate stable revenues for rural craftsmen (Rug Code connects local craftsmen with international customers through carpets), participating in a cultural and economic blooming beyond Yerevan

98%+ of Alumni state Artbox made them stronger

“Artbox was a boost to my career. Of course, there is still much work to do, but I can already see the creative chaos coming together and forming something. Something good and valuable”, says Graphic Designer Mher Gaboyan. We take pride when hearing that Artbox was truly a game-changer for our participants. Give an artist an Artbox and you feed him for a lifetime, they say.
 The best is yet to come. 2024 promises to be another busy and audacious year. For more discussions around creative entrepreneurship and what cultural success can look like, subscribe to our newsletter!

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