Artbox begins accelerating 12 creative businesses in Armenia

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Creative businesses, from music studios to fashion brands and beyond, will boost their growth through Artbox Accelerator program and up to 7 of them will be funded up to €30,000 grants for growth

Published: October 16, 2023

Creative Armenia is excited to present the 12 creative businesses that started their acceleration journey. Artbox Accelerator Program provides an unparalleled opportunity to these startups to effectively grow their businesses and play a definitive role in the creative industries.

From October to December, 2023, over the course of 8 weeks, selected teams will receive weekly workshops, targeted assignments, and individual consultations designed to boost their growth. The lineup of mentors include experts and successful entrepreneurs from Armenia and the world, including Estonia, Denmark, France, Switzerland, and Egypt.

Artbox Accelerator will guide creative businesses to enhance their customer engagement, grow sales, achieve sustainability, and more. As the program concludes, up to 7 top-performing businesses will be selected to receive up to €30,000 grants to make their business growth plan, developed during Artbox, actionable.

The 12 creative businesses selected for Artbox Accelerator are:

  • Artuyt (Fashion Brand)
    A producer of exquisite scarves that unearths the Armenian cultural tapestry and elevates it for the global markets.
  • Berberyan Production Studios (Music Production)
    A studio that encompasses the full spectrum of film music composing and sound post-production at the forefront of the industry in Armenia and beyond.
  • GALIQUE Heritage Room (Art Space)
    A cultural venue in Gyumri that offers immersive and soulful experiences into the Armenian rich heritage.
  • Hovash (Fashion Brand)
    A jewelry producer that crafts exquisite, hand-made pieces celebrating the beauty of nature and individual expression.
  • Kelvin Film Lab (Cinema Production)
    A video production company that supports people with media ideas and resources to create quality products.
  • NENSI AVETISIAN (Fashion Brand)
    A clothing and accessories brand fusing Armenian craftsmanship, monumental spiritual architecture, and sustainability.
  • Oberton (Music Production)
    A music company that combines full-house audio production and audio branding services with A to Z music management, promotion, and artist development.
  • OnOff Studio (Animation Studio)
    A studio that embarks on a mission to create captivating animation products that would distinguish themselves in the global market.
  • Theatre on the Roof (Art Space)
    An alternative theater that combines into one unique format theatrical performance, live-concert program, and wine treat.
  • Tonir Wedding Village (Cultural Events)
    A cultural business that revives and celebrates traditional rituals, games, cuisine, and craftsmanship by organizing authentic ethnic weddings.
  • Varem-Marem Art Studio (Art Space)
    A creative workshop in Gyumri that fosters exploration and inspiration for visitors by creating pottery, sculpture, and handicrafts.
  • Z.G.EST (Fashion Brand)
    A sustainable clothing business that creates unique, timeless, and functional styles from 100% natural and biodegradable fabrics.

“At Creative Armenia, strengthening the commercial viability and sustainability of creative business is among our core objectives. With Artbox Accelerator this objective is most effectively realized. By supporting 12 leading creative businesses from music industry to animation to fashion and beyond, we influence the ecosystem of creative production in Armenia as a whole,“ said Anush Ter-Khachatryan, Director of Programs at Creative Armenia.

“At Katapult, we emphasize the significance of bolstering existing cultural organizations and their potential to collaborate. The Artbox Accelerator presents a distinctive opportunity for these established cultural entities to engage with local and international cultural stakeholders, showcase their work to new audiences, and strengthen their creative concepts, thereby deepening their connections with the community and expanding their genuine public influence.” said Anna K. Gargarian, the head of the KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program.

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