Artbox is accelerating 16 creative businesses in Armenia

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Creative businesses will enhance their growth through the Artbox Accelerator program. Up to 7 of them will receive grants of up to €30,000 each for their development.

Published: June 10, 2024

Creative Armenia is thrilled to introduce the 16 creative businesses who begin their  acceleration journey. Artbox Accelerator Program offers these startups an unparalleled opportunity to grow their businesses and make a significant impact in the creative industries. 

From the beginning of June to the end of July 2024, over 8 weeks, the selected teams will participate in weekly workshops, individual consultations, and carry out targeted assignments designed to accelerate their growth. The lineup of mentors includes experts and successful entrepreneurs with backgrounds in leading companies and institutions such as LEGO®, Parsons, Burberry, and others, joining the program from around the globe, including Armenia, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and beyond. 

Artbox Accelerator will lead creative businesses in improving their customer engagement, increasing sales, achieving sustainability, and more. Upon program completion, up to 7 top-performing businesses will be selected to receive grants of up to €30,000 each, enabling them to implement the business growth plans, developed during Artbox.

The 16 creative businesses selected for Artbox Accelerator are:

  • AAA Audio (Music Production)
    An Armenian music tech company that specializes in the creation of virtual instruments and the provision of remote recording services.
  • Actual Art (Publishing House)
    An Armenian cultural organization that specializes in promoting artistic excellence and fostering meaningful cultural dialogues through comprehensive publications.
  • Amara (Music Publishing)
    A leading platform in the music publishing industry, helping artists reach millions of users by submitting their products to online stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and over 40 other platforms across all continents.
  • Avetis (Fashion Brand)
    A leather craft studio that handcrafts minimalist, unique leather pieces designed to last a lifetime.
  • Bars Media (Film Production)
    Documentary film production studio that focuses on human-centric and impactful narratives.
  • Cyber Folk (Music Education)
    A music education platform that provides offline and online courses in music production, DJ-ing and live performance.
  • Film Locations: Armenia (Film Production)
    A business that places prominent Armenian locations into the music videos and ads of the best Western artists and brands.
    A multifunctional hub for creative arts that fosters local talent in music, visual arts, and sustainable production, with a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability at its core.
  • Library for Architecture (Art Space)
    A multifunctional space that serves as an independent platform for discussions on architecture theory, presents new ideas, and operates a studio for creating models (mock-ups).
  • Man In Town (Fashion Brand)
    Cool menswear proudly made in Armenia that offers modern casual clothing and accessories for men, blending traditional styles with contemporary trends and the spirit of Yerevan, catering to urban dwellers with high creative and commercial potential.
  • Mihr Theatre (Performing Arts)
    A theatre that reveals the philosophical depth of every movement by unifying painting, psychology, dance, philosophy and drama arts.
  • Moov Studio (Animation Studio)
    An animation studio that focuses on motion design and creates explainer commercials.

  • Narine P (Arts and Crafts)
    A business that specializes in crafting cross stones and Armenian patterns on tuff stone, offering tourist visits and master classes, and producing tuff-based games like Khaghkar.
  • Popok Animation (Animation Studio)
    A studio that transitions from providing computer graphics services to developing and producing its own animation series and films, aiming to revitalize Armenian animation and represent Armenia internationally.
  • Proper Studios (Creative Agency)
    Based in Yerevan and London, it provides high-impact design and persuasive communications products, to help clients measurably reach their objectives.
  • VINTABILIA (Fashion Brand)
    An upcycled sustainable clothing brand that focuses on redefining ethical fashion production through global exploration and dedication to sustainability, quality, and creativity.

“We are excited to accelerate this lineup of 16 versatile creative startups. Championing cultural ventures with exponential commercial potential and providing funding for their growth, we redefine the cultural landscape in Armenia, bringing innovation, higher employment in the creative sector, and sustainable growth,” said Anush Ter-Khachatryan, Director of Programs at Creative Armenia.

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