Applications to Creative Armenia’s Artbox Entrepreneur are now open

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The second edition of Artbox Entrepreneur is now accepting applications from individual artists who want to accelerate their creative careers and receive a €2,500 grant for the activation of their entrepreneurial plan.

Published: October 31, 2023

Creative Armenia is excited to announce the open call for applications to the second edition of its signature Artbox Entrepreneur program, designed to transform individual artists into creative entrepreneurs. In Winter of 2024, through this 6-week career acceleration program, up to 25 selected solo artists and creators across all art fields are given the opportunity to jumpstart their creative careers, elevate their personal branding, and maximize their revenue. Working with top-notch mentors in business and renowned cultural leaders, participants develop an individually tailored career acceleration plan for their creative business and receive a €2,500 grant to bring it to life.

To learn more about the Artbox Entrepreneur and to apply by November 30, 2023 deadline, please visit the website:

"Artbox Entrepreneur has already proven to be a highly effective kickstarter of artists’ careers as creative entrepreneurs. Artbox Entrepreneur participants not only learn how to position themselves effectively in the creative market, how to brand themselves and turn their art into viable products, they also develop a comprehensive career acceleration plan and get funds to act on it. While witnessing the success stories of the first edition of Artbox Entrepreneur participants, we look forward to championing a new wave of talented creators in January 2024,”  said Anush Ter-Khachatryan, Director of Programs at Creative Armenia.

The application is open for solo artists and creators based in Armenia and worldwide who run their creative and professional activities within the borders of the Republic of Armenia and seek to maximize, monetize, and market their talent. The program seeks to support professional individual artists in various disciplines with demonstrated talent, strong portfolio, and a history of creative activities in their relevant artfield, such as production of artworks and creative products, provision of creative services, or any other form of demonstrated artistic excellence.

“We are thrilled for the second round of the Artbox Entrepreneur program, which provides a distinctive opportunity for artists and creatives in Armenia to take their creative pursuits to the next level. This program is designed for individuals with a proven track record, aiming to boost their careers and gain recognition,” said Anna K. Gargarian, the head of the KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program.

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