20 creative businesses begin their incubation at Artbox

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Different creative ideas in visual arts, design, fashion and beyond will develop through the Artbox Incubator program and, at the end, receive up to a total grant of €100,000 to turn their creative ideas into businesses.

Published: March 25, 2024

Creative Armenia is excited to introduce the 20 creative teams that will take part in Artbox Incubator, which provides comprehensive support to creative ideas with potential for commercial success.

From March 25 to May 25, throughout the 8-week program, the selected individuals and teams, representing cutting-edge projects in visual arts, design and beyond, will be joined by top-notch mentors and renowned cultural leaders from Armenia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Malta, and Estonia to develop various aspects of their creative projects – from market analysis and business model strategy to production strategy, marketing strategy, and pitching. Upon completion of the program and the development of complete project packages, up to 10 incubated business ideas will be awarded grants totaling €100,000 to become functioning businesses.

“Armenia’s cultural future depends on its up-and-coming creative economy and the innovation, employment, and growth which this sector allows and encourages. As we commence our second cohort of Artbox Incubator, we are excited to see the variety of the creative ideas and the readiness of their teams to bring their input into this sector,” said Anush Ter-Khachatryan, Director of Programs at Creative Armenia.

The 20 creative projects selected for Artbox Incubator are:

Amoor Stone
Captivating masterpieces fashioned from the rich array of recycled Armenian stones and crystals embracing Armenian heritage.

An online platform connecting artists and art lovers, curating a diverse collection of contemporary artworks and fostering cultural exchange and creativity.

An online library of high-quality 3D scan models, digitizing Armenian and global cultural and historical artifacts for web accessibility.

Artspace - Photostudio
Vintage artspace-photo studio rich in Armenian cultural elements, featuring rotating events inspired by Armenian themes and various artworks, offering diverse interior projects.

Crop Up
A podcast studio and digital platform serving as a unified space for creators to release and distribute various podcast projects, with a primary focus on distributing Armenian podcasts.

Production and sales of luxury accessories that aims to elevate jewelry craftsmanship, crafting with materials like gold, silver, and genuine leather.

Joyful and creative entertainment boxes for children, fostering imagination, emotional awareness, healthy habits, and cultural appreciation.

DrumStar Corporation
A compact, multi-height electronic drum innovation designed to facilitate learning, practicing, performing, and recording drums.

Fotokombinat N17
Alternative photography studio reviving the artistry of historical photography in Armenia by offering an authentic and immersive experience. 

Hye Ink 
Armenian art turned into wearable fashion pieces and featured on an online marketplace enhancing artists’ visibility and connecting them to a global audience.

Multidisciplinary creative fashion and styling room, providing a unique 360° approach to fashion narrative, experience, and style development.

A cinematographic storytelling production company, dedicated to advancing Armenian film language through exchanging emotions by compelling visual storytelling. 

Line: Armenian Architecture Biennial
A nomadic architectural biennial navigating Armenia's public spaces, addressing community challenges and advocating for transformation, all through the lens of design.

A production company committed to exploring, restoring, and sharing forgotten Armenian folk music, fostering the preservation and spreading of Armenian cultural heritage.

A platform blending artistic expression, skateboarding, and environmental elements to foster community growth, and empower individuals through creativity.

Studio Anicerani
Ceramic Studio, focusing on high-end dishware production with an emphasis on modernized Armenian ornaments that aim to popularize and preserve our cultural heritage.

Syndicats Studios
Armenian Visual Arts Studio specializing in local comics, animation and illustrated print production. 

The Hero's Journey
A creative storytelling game, inspired by symbols and archetypes from Armenian folk stories and designed to foster collaboration and imaginative play.

An inclusive digital theater platform, showcasing diverse talent and promoting innovation through AR exhibitions and workshops, contributing to a vibrant artistic community.

Museum engagement enhancement with immersive virtual reality art experiences fostering engagement among children, teenagers, and educational communities.


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